During this year we change the place , Our new lacation is much better for all our coustomer , more birds, more willdlife .

Are you an Ornithologist?

We offer you the best options to watch colorful birds of Cuyabeno, we have the best places to observe birds, through a tower of approximately 35 meters high (in this tower a Harpia Eagle sits) a place of clay parrots of 4 species ( Dusked Headed Parreket ,Yellow Crowned Amazon , Orange cheeked Parrot, Souther Mealy Amazon, Blue headed Parrot ) Tour / Zancudo Cocha (Camping) 5/N 6/D and 6/N 7/D. We have 550 different species of birds, Common birds..Blue Throated Piping guan , Salvins curassow ,Marbled wood quail, Great tinamou ,Agami heron, Rufescent tiger heron ,Swallow tailed kite, Sungrebe, Sunbittern, Macaws , Hotzing , Long tailed potoo , Great Potoo , Blue crowned trogon , Amazonian Trogon , Amazonian kingfisher, Cream coloured woodpecker, Blue backed manakin, Masked crimson tanager, Sand coloured nighthawk, pied plouver ,gilden barbet ,plum troated cotinga,drab water tyrant, bared necked fruit crown, great antshrike,
Contact us and we will help you organize your trip ..
Option N-1 (4/Nights 5/days. All costs include) 550 usd per person

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DAY 01
07:30 am Pick up with our rented vehicle from Shushufindi at Patricia Hotel / Great Lake Shushufindi Hotel.
07:30 a.m. We arrive at a small village called Tierras Orientales, then we take our private canoe and sail for 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach the lodge.
13:00 Pm Lunch at the Lodge and rest for a couple of hours in the hammocks.
15:30 Pm Departure to navigate in a canoe downstream and observe birds of various colors in their natural habitat.
20:00 Pm Dinner, Our guide will inform you about the activities for the next day.
DAY 02
06:00 am We will sail upstream along the Cuyabeno River in search of small and colorful birds.
08:00 am Breakfast.
09:40 a.m. We will explore the jungle by taking a walk listening to the songs of the birds that with their camouflage will alert us.
12:30 Pm Lunch
16:00 Pm We will visit a birding tower of approximately 35 meters, if we are lucky we will see the Harpy Eagle and other birds that usually pass near our tower.
20:00 Pm Dinner.
DAY 03
05:45 am We will go out in our canoe downstream earlier in the morning in search of birds, as they usually get up early in the morning to eat 4 species of clay parrots.
08:30 am Breakfast.
10:15 am Full day, we will navigate in canoe to paddle down the river called Aguas Negras while we navigate in silence, it is likely that we will observe more species of birds.
13:00 am Lunch in the middle of the navigation.
17:00 Arrival at the Lodge
20:00 Farewell dinner.
DAY 04
06:00 am It’s optional, decide on an activity! Seeing parrots again or going up the observation tower, your decision is important.
08:00 am Breakfast.
09:30 am Departure to Shushufindi

We recommend to all our travelers the routes they should take are the following.
If you come by plane the maximum time of arrival is at 10;10 am at Puerto Francisco de Orellana Airport (Coca City)
and if you come by bus from Quito it is preferable to travel during the night in the transport company “Baños” The maximum departure time is 11:00pm directly to shushufindi Approx 7 or 8 hours of travel by bus. Our guide will pick you up at the bus station at 06:0 am and drop you off at a restaurant.
Our bus will pick you up at 07:30 am.
Before you book your plane ticket please write us !
Our team will contact you.

Transportation to and from Shushufindi.
Purified bottled water, coffee, milk, tea, chocolate, hot water throughout the day, all meals, lodging, rubber boots, electricity , climbing to the birding tower, strict meals recommended by your doctor.
Camera, Binocular, Water poncho, Extra meals before and after the trip, Transport from / to /Quito – Shushufindi (vice versa) AIRPLANE
Mosquito repellent, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen

Cuyabeno – Sucumbios – Ecuador