Hello, I am Edgar Noteno, I am 29 years old and I lead an ecotourism project in the community Playas de Cuyabeno, a Kichwa community. I was born and raised here in this beautiful jungle where all our grandparents discovered every medicinal plant and have survived for many years.Tourism is the only alternative for the sustainable development of our community, but since last March we have not received any visitors because of the covid 19 pandemic.

We proposed to build a new lodge in our territory. This Lodge will be managed and operated by us 100% because we have acquired knowledge from private companies.Now the situation is precarious because of the lack of income to continue our goal.

I have created a fundraiser in airfunding.com, in order to receive financial support from friends and acquaintances, with the money raised continue building a Lodge in the heart of the Amazon, is a dream of many Kichwa families in the Kichwa commune Playas de Cuyabeno in the middle of the jungle “Amazon of Ecuador” CUYABENO FAUNA PRODUCTION RESERVE.
In the middle of the World Pandemic of covid 19. We decided to build a new Lodge. While building in these long months, every day our family economy was running out and we felt the need to create the crowfunding project in airfunding.com.

We tried to raise $1,500 to purchase materials such as gasoline, nails, toilets, showers, mattresses, etc..
But we could only raise $160, fund that never reached our hands, since this page 50% of the funds stays with them, and can not be received to our bank accounts, airfunding.com works with PayPal.

have this channel of online payments. However, we do not receive, moreover PayPal does not have agreements with any Ecuadorian bank.

For this reason, if you can help with money to our project, you can send us to WESTER UNION reliable channel.
The attached details of my person.
First name; Edgar
Last name; Noteno Passport : 2100783840

Western Union Address: Av Unidad Nacional Shushufindi – Ecuador